About Us

Superconducting Systems Inc. (SSI) has three areas of activity: a) design and manufacture of cryogen-free (liquid helium free) superconducting magnets for medical and research applications, b) research and development in superconducting magnet technology, and c) contract engineering services.

SSI has introduced cryogen-free superconducting magnets to the pre-clinical MRI market, and will be introducing cryogen-free superconducting magnets for human MRI applications.

Under funding by US National Institutes of Health, SSI is collaborating with the research division of a major Boston area hospital to demonstrate the viability and benefits of its cryogen-free point-of-care MRI magnet system. In spring of 2014 SSI will demo a cryogen-free 1.5 T, 58 cm patient bore, compact whole-body MRI scanner. In fall of 2014 SSI will demo a cryogen-free point-of-care 1.5 T extremity MRI scanner with a highly innovative architecture.

SSI’s patented and patent pending magnet engineering solutions make superconducting magnets less expensive to manufacture and install. They can truly be installed and operated where there is electricity, without any consideration related to liquid helium as there is none required.

Contact us to learn about the advantages of our Smart Superconducting Magnets.  We will show you what we mean by “Smart”.