A) Processing of Nb3Sn Wires and Cable

SSI has proven patented and patent pending methods to process precursor Nb3Sn wire and cable to prepare them for manufacturing of Nb3Sn magnets by the react and wind approach. SSI has capabilities to:

• React (heat treat) large batches of precursor Nb3Sn wires or cables with any heat treatment schedule in argon atmosphere.
• Provide reacted reinforced precursor Nb3Sn wires with unprecedented mechanical properties.
• Provide reinforced precursor Nb3Sn wires with polyimide insulation that can be wound into magnets pretty much like Nb-Ti wires.
• Produce Nb3Sn wire-in-channel or cable-in-channel integrated conductors.

B) Magnet Technology Research

SSI has a full range of design, manufacturing, and laboratory equipment and software suitable to research and development in fields of superconducting magnet technology as well as materials science and engineering. SSI has the knowhow, and capabilities to perform:

Test and Measurements

• Critical current measurements in fields of up to 14T on wires carrying up to 2000 A.
• RRR measurements.
• Tensile strength measurement in cryogenic temperatures.
• Heat capacity, and heat conductivity measurement on composite structures.
• Micro-hardness measurements, and optical microscopy.

Design and Analysis

• Magnetic design codes for design of magnets with specified magnetic field profiles.
• Mechanical and thermal design code for design of magnet structure, and cryostats.
• Codes and software for analysis of magnetic, mechanical, and thermal performance of superconducting magnets.