Magnets for Scientific Applications

Rotatable and Tiltable MRI Magnet

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Center Field:3 T
Bore Diameter:215 mm
End to Center:33.5 cm
Homogeneity:< 2 ppm pk-pk over 2.5 cm DSV
Drift:< 0.1 ppm/hour
5 gauss line:Axial < 100 cm Radial < 100 cm

Multimode Rotatable Split Magnet

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 Operating in Variable Mode

Bore Diameter:50 mm
Bore Length160 cm
Split Gap20 cm

 Operating in Homogenous Mode

Variable Central Field:.5-4 T
FoV:5 cm dia. by 20cm long
Homogeneity< 1%

 Operating in Gradient Mode

Field at the center:B(0) = 0 T
Field gradientdB/dZ = T/m